Sapan Sehgal has fast become a leading figure in the fitness industry; described as a “total star” by The Times and “a smooth talking ladies man, the anti-personal trainer” by the BBC. 

Sapan’s innovative technique and charming personality is undeniable, earning him a starring role as one of London’s top 3 personal trainers in the BBC television series Best In Town. He is London’s go-to fitness expert and consultant, contributing to numerous media outlets including Women’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Coach Mag and The Debrief.

Sapan founded the vibrant and cutting edge London Fields Fitness Studio in 2010, hailed by Time Out as “The friendliest workout space imaginable". It is Sapan's mission to keep fitness fun, affordable and accessible to all. He has developed a unique style of training -The London Fields Method, a combination of bodyweight-centric exercises that can be replicated at home without a penny.

 Booty Camp (Sapan's signature sell-out class) has attendees drenched in sweat, making new friends over “bum-fights” and shrieking with laughter. Booty Camp at London Fields Fitness Studio was recently name-checked by the Evening Standard as one of the best places to go for Targeted Workouts in London.